CCCGW Sermon Recordings

2006 Sermon Recordings from English Congregation Sermon Recording

Bible Verse
2006/12/31 Ed Choy What Kind of Church Are You?
2006/12/24 Ed Choy Do You Need a Savior?
2006/12/17 Dr. Heater Miriam, A Godly Mother in Isael
2006/12/10 Elder K. C. Leung Come and See
2006/12/03 Ed Choy 12-03-2006
2006/11/26 Dr. Heater Attitudes in the Ministry
2006/11/12 Ed Choy Who Can You Influence Others?
2006/11/05 Ed Choy Who Can You Influence Others?
2006/10/29 Elder K.C. Leung In Search of the Perfect Sermon
2006/10/22 Dr. Sathi Clarke Christian Community: Called to be Boat People
2006/10/15 Ed Choy Creating Community at New Life
2006/10/08 Ed Choy Get Involved In The Building Program
2006/09/24 Dr. Sathi Clarke Give God Some Praise!
2006/09/10 Ed Choy New Life: Don't Lose Your Vision!
2006/08/06 Ed Choy Knowing & Doing the Will of God: Part One
2006/07/02 Ed Choy Does God REALLY Answer Prayer?
2006/03/05 Ed Choy Show Me YOUR Glory!