CCCGW Sermon Recordings

2007 Sermon Recordings from English Congregation Sermon Recording

Bible Verse
2007/12/30 Ed Choy Psalm 90:12 Learn to Number the Days in the New Year
2007/12/16 Rev. Eugene Schamko Matthew 1:18-25 God with Us
2007/12/09 Rev. Eugene Schamko Luke 3:1-18 Living Through the Prism of A Repentant Heart
2007/12/02 Rev. Eugene Schamko Rom 16:16 The Affirming Power of Greeting One Another
2007/11/25 Elder K. C. Leung Rev. 3:14-22 Items On Any Christmas Shopping List
2007/11/11 Rev. Gene Schamko Galatians 5:13-18 Freedom to Serve
2007/11/04 Rev. Gene Schamko Romans 12:14-16 Harmony Through Humility
2007/10/28 Rev. Gene Schamko John 13:31-35 The New Commandment "Love One Another"
2007/10/14 Rev. Gene Schamko Col 3:12-13 Because of Grace We Forgive
2007/09/09 Rev. Eugen Schamko Romans 15:1-7 Diverse and Accepted
2007/06/03 Rev. James Sun Ac 1:4~11 Waiting for the Lord
2007/05/27 Rev. Eugene Schamko Matthew 16:13-19; 28:18-19; 9:35-38 Called to a Movement
2007/05/20 Elder K. C. Leung Romans 16:3~6 Do as Roman Christians do
2007/05/13 Ed Choy 2 Tim 3:14~17 The Significance of Mom's Influence
2007/04/29 Bro. Peter Cheng John 6:24~29 Do You Really Believe?
2007/04/22 Dr. David Rudolf Gen 18: 1-8 Abraham, Hospitality Man
2007/04/15 Ed Choy Heb 1: 1~4 A Superior Word
2007/04/01 Engene Schamko Heb 3: 1~6 Worthy of Our Devotion
2007/03/25 Ed Choy Rev Revelation 3 - Sardis, Philly & Laodicea
2007/03/18 Rev. Steve Nicoles Is 6:1-9 Look and See
2007/03/11 Dr. Sathi Clarke Lent: A Season for 'Contagious Holiness'
2007/03/04 Rev. James Sun Energetic Fellowship
2007/02/25 Rev. John Lum The Lord is My Sheperd
2007/02/18 Ed Choy What Kind of Church Are You? (Part IV)
2007/02/11 Ed Choy What Kind of Church Are You? (Part III)
2007/02/04 Dr. Sathi Clarke Walking with Jesus: Working for Christ
2007/01/28 Ed Choy What Kind of Church Are you? (Part II)
2007/01/21 Elder K. C. Leung Called to See Great Things
2007/01/14 Rev. George Wan The Call to Christian Mission & Stewardship?