CCCGW Sermon Recordings

2015 Sermon Recordings from English Congregation Sermon Recording

Bible Verse
2015/12/27 Rev. Shane Tu Colossians 3:17 Making God Centered Resolutions
2015/12/20 Rev. Eugene Schamko Matthew 11:1-10 The Gospel Shared by Ordinary People in Ordinary Ways
2015/12/13 Rev. Eugene Schamko Matthew 3:1-11 Preparing for Adevent Through Repentence
2015/12/06 Rev. Eugene Schamko Matthew 1:18-25 Prophecy and its Importance
2015/11/29 Brother Kok-Eam Khor I Timothy 2: 3-6 Hebrews 7:25 God want everyone to be saved: He always intercedes for His people
2015/11/22 赵宇牧师 Galatians 加拉太书 The Abundant Life(5): Putting on Christ 更丰盛的生命(五): 披戴耶稣
2015/11/15 Rev. Eugene Schamko Ruth 4:13-17 God Cares, God rules, God Provides
2015/11/08 Rev. Eugene Schamko Ruth 4:9 - 12 Thoughtful Love(The announcement, the confirmation and the prayers) Part Two
2015/11/01 Pastor Gene Schamko Ruth 4:9-17 Thoughtful Love (the announcement, the confirmation and the prayers)
2015/10/25 Rev. Shane Tu Judges 14 When Pride Loses
2015/10/11 Rev. Gene Schamko Ruth 3:12-18 Trusting God regardless of the obstacles
2015/10/04 Dr. Dave Shive Matthew 6:5-15 Prayer: the Wakie-Talkie Designed for the Front Lines of Battle
2015/10/04 Rev. David Shive 2 Tim 2:1-4 Life is Mission, and Mission is Warfare
2015/09/27 Rev. Shane Tu Matthew 7:15-23 Warnings for the Kindred Spirit: The wolf and the lamb
2015/09/20 Rev. Eugene Schamko Ruth 3:6-12 Maintaining Moral Integrity Regardless of the Situation
2015/09/13 Rev. Eugene Schamko Ruth 3: 105 The Marvelours Proividence of God
2015/08/30 Rev. Shane Tu I Cor. 9:24-27 Running the Race
2015/08/23 Rev. David Shive Luke 22:31-34; Eph 6:10-20 Battle for the Kingdom: Is Your Walkie Talkie Functioning Properly?
2015/08/09 Brother Kok-Eam Khor 1 Cor 12:4-16,28 The Ways God's people manifest the Holy Spirit's presence in their lives
2015/08/02 Pastor Zhao 赵宇牧师 Ephesian 4:11-12(弗 4:11-12) For the Pefecting of the Saints(成全圣徒)
2015/07/26 Rev. Shane Tu 1 John 1:5-2:2 I Want the Truth
2015/07/19 Elder K.C. Leung Luke 9:28-43 He is my Son, listen to Him.
2015/07/05 Rev. Daniel Zhao Malachi 4:4-5 God's Children Walking Together
2015/06/28 Brother Kok-Eam Khor Galatians 5:16-24 Living by the Spirit-Desiring to be filled with Him
2015/05/31 Rev. Gene Schamko Ruth 2:14-23 The Lord's Lavish Kindness
2015/05/24 Rev. Gene Schamko Ruth 2:4-13 Lessons from Boaz
2015/05/17 Rev Gene Schamko Ruth 2:1-3 In search of God's favor
2015/05/10 Rev Gene Schamko Ruth 1:6-18 Hard Times Reveal a True Friend
2015/05/03 Rev. Gene Schamko Ruth 1:1-6 The Consequences of Forsaking the Lord
2015/04/26 Rev. Shane Tu Matthew 14:22-23 Have Faith Without Borders
2015/04/19 Elder K. C. Leung Ephesians 6:10-12 Take Your Stand Against the Devil's Schemes
2015/04/12 Elder K. C. Leung Ephesians 6:10-12 Be Strong in the Lord and in His Mighty Power
2015/03/29 Elder K. C. Leung Matthew 21:1-2, 6-11 Who is this
2015/03/22 Rev. Eugene Schamko Luck 7:36-50 The Party at Jesus' Feet
2015/02/22 Brother Kok-Eam Khor Luke: 10:25-37 Reflections on the Good Samaritan
2015/02/08 Rev. Eugene Schamko Ezekiel 3:16-21; Galatians 6:1-5 Our call to bear one another's burdens (Part 2)
2015/01/25 Rev. Gene Schamko Galatians 5:16-26 Walk In The Spirit
2015/01/18 Rev. Gene Schamko Galatians 5:13-15; Romans 14:17-23; With Freedom Comes Responsibility
2015/01/11 Rev. Gene Schamko Galatians 5:1-6 Liberty for those in Christ