CCCGW Sermon Recordings

2017 Sermon Recordings from English Congregation Sermon Recording

Bible Verse
2017/12/31 Elder Mark Ho Matthew 16:13-17 Knowing Jesus Is The Son of God
2017/12/24 Rev. Eugene Schamko Luke2:8-20 Challenge: What's It All Mean?
2017/12/10 Rev. Eugene Schamko 2 Peter 3:8-15 Passing the Peace of Advent
2017/12/03 Rev. Eugene Schamko Metthew 24: 32-51 Look Toward the Future, but stay in the present
2017/11/26 Rev. Eugene Schamko Exodus 20:7 The Holiness of God's Name
2017/11/19 赵宇牧师Rev. Daniel Zhao 以弗所书1:3-8 唯有恩典Only Grace
2017/11/12 Brother Kok-Eam Khor Exodus 20:8-11; Matt 12:1-14; Mark 2:27 The Sabbath is Holy
2017/11/05 Rev. Eugene Schamko Hebrews 13:1-6 Sex is Holy
2017/10/29 Rev. Eugene Schamko Matthew 19:1-10 Marriage is consecrated by God
2017/10/22 Rev. Eugene Schamko Genesis 1:26-28 God Calls All Human Life Holy(Part 2)
2017/10/15 Enoch Ling Gen 4:1-7 Accept Abel
2017/10/08 Rev. Albert Lam Acts 6:1-7;8:1-5;8:26-29 Break Through for His Kingdom
2017/10/07 Rev. Albert Lam 林祥源 Acts 使徒行传 17:16-34 Becoming a Missional Disciple 成為一個宣教的門徒
2017/10/06 Rev. Albert Lam 林祥源 Acts 使徒行传 2:37-47 Building a Missional Church 建立使命的教會
2017/10/01 Rev. Eugene Schamko 1 Peter 2:1-10 God Calls His Church Holy
2017/09/24 Minister Enoch Ling Gen 4:1-7 Accept-Abel
2017/09/17 Rev. Eugene Schamko John 21:15-25 Restoring Peter (Part 2)
2017/09/10 Prof. Chuck C. Kok John 15:1-5 A Balanced and Joyful Life
2017/09/03 Brother Kok-Eam Khor Matthew 5:38-48 How Should We Live
2017/08/27 Rev. Eugene Schamko John 21:15-25 Jesus Restores Peter
2017/08/20 Rev. Eugene Schamko John 20:19-29 The Faith of Thomas
2017/08/13 Elder Mark Ho Job 2:1-9 Skin for Skin
2017/08/06 Rev. Eugene Schamko Luke 24:25-35 The Emmaus Road Encounter (part two)
2017/07/30 Rev. Shane Tu Cor. 12: 12-30 The church, steeple, and the people
2017/07/23 何燊長老 Elder Mark Ho 路加福音Luke 18:35-43 瞎子的见證 The Testimony of a Blind Man
2017/07/16 Rev. Eugene Schamko Luke 24:13-35 The Emmaus Road Encounter
2017/07/02 Brother Kok-Eam Khor Mark 5:21-43 Just Believe
2017/06/25 Rev. Eugene Schamko John 20:1-18 Mary Magdalene
2017/06/18 Rev. Eugene Schamko Luck 23:26-49 The Thief and the Centurion
2017/06/11 Rev. Eugene Schamko Matthew 27:11-26 Pilate tries to Keep the Peace
2017/06/04 Rev. Eugene Schamko Matthew 26:14-30 The problem with Judas
2017/05/28 Rev. Shane Tu Ex. 20:8-11 "Embracing Rest"
2017/05/21 Rev. Eugene Schamko John 14:12-21 God Doesn't Leave Us as Orphans
2017/05/14 Rev. Shane Tu Proverbs 6:20-22 Mamma always said...
2017/05/12 Rev.Yang Testimony of Rev Yang (Inlcude Q&A)
2017/05/07 Rev. Eugene Schamko John 13:1-17 Refusing Grace
2017/04/30 Rev. Eugene Schamko Matthew 14:22-36 Walking with Jesus (Part Two)
2017/04/23 Rev. Eugene Schamko Matthew 14:22-36 Walking with Jesus
2017/04/09 Rev. Eugene Schamko Luke 9:51-53 Turning Toward Jerusalem
2017/04/02 Rev. Eugene Schamko Mark 10:17-31 The Heart of the Matter
2017/03/26 Rev.Tu John 11:17-37 God is good, all the time, and all the time, God is good
2017/03/19 Rev. Eugene Schamko John 11:17-37 Three Reactions
2017/03/12 Brother Sean Lonergan Matthew 28:18-20, 9:36-38, Romans 10:13-14 Fulfilling the Great Commission: Personally, as a fellowship and as a church
2017/03/05 Rev. Eugene Schamko John 12:1-11 Costly Worship (part two)
2017/02/26 Brother Kok-Eam Khor John 4:1-26; 28-30, 39-42 Jesus Guides a Samaritan Woman to Faith
2017/02/19 Rev. Eugene Schamko John 12:1-11 Costly Worship
2017/02/12 Rev. Eugene Schamko John 5:1-15 Help and Hope for the Helpless
2017/01/29 Elder Stan Chan Proverbs 2:1-5 God Speak; I Speak; and Listen
2017/01/22 Rev. Eugene Schamko John 3:1-21 A Divine Appointment with Nicodemus
2017/01/15 Rev. Eugene Schamko John 1:19-34 Called To Second Place
2017/01/08 Rev. Gene Schamko 沈友谨牧师 Proverb 3:1-8 箴 3:1-8 Trusting God's Guidance 信靠神的带领
2017/01/01 Rev. Eugene Schamko Luke 2:21-40 A Child Changes Everything